– LONG POST – Started on November 22nd, 1990 at #SurvivorSeries and then ran non-stop for 30 years through all the professional difficulties, surgeries, personal issues… Only for 1 reason, to entertain the fans and give them his best version every time he came to perform even at the age of 54 ❤️ Just to give the fans the worth for our hard earned money.. ❤️ #TheUndertaker is an emotion of every 90s kid.. Every time the commentators in @WWE address him as the #DEADMAN , we truly believed that he was dead and he had some sort of magical abilities to return from being dead .. It is not an easy feat… Being introduced as the #Undertaker in 1990 and carrying the same aura and persona even after 30 years in 2020 is not an easy feat.. It requires immense creativity to keep the character fresh and alive even in the minute possible way. That is #MarkCalloway for you, THE UNDERTAKER ❤️ “After putting many souls to REST IN PEACE over the years, it’s time that I put The Undertaker to finally REST IN PEACE” – these were the words of the #Phenom in his final farewell speech ❤️ There was no one like him, no one is like him and NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE THE PLACE WHICH HE SO GRACEFULLY HELD ❤️ #ThankYouTaker #FarewellTaker #ThePhenom #WWE #survivorseries #SurvivorSeries2020 #WWERAW #Smackdown #BigEvil #MinistryofDarkness #TheUndertaker #Undertaker #Phenom #Adios #AdiosTaker #LoveYou