#SooraraiPottru is one of those films which brings you up from your lowest of low points ❤️ The sheer thought of the struggles faced by @actorsuriya’s character in the film brings so much energy into a common man (if he can, anyone can attitude).. ❤️ I think that is the biggest positive this film can garner.. Apart from #Surya’s acting brilliance (at some scenes, his on screen presentation of emotional scenes are totally mind blowing and if you are light hearted, you will wipe tears off your cheeks) and the female lead’s gripping hold of the scenes she is present in, the power of women behind a man who is struggling to find a way to fulfil his dream.. ❤️ Importance of friendship at testing times is aptly portrayed in the film and #SudhaKongara is a gem of a writer and director.. One of the best films I’ve ever watched and if #COVID19 has brought you down, this film will bring you back up soaring through the skies ❤️ Awesome film, still remembering the scenes which made me so much emotional and still wiping of little tears because of that ❤️🥲

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